The principals of Rañon & Partners (R&P) have a shared vision that has developed over the course of a 52-year friendship and professional association. With a collaborative working style and an appetite for innovation, the firm focuses on unique and pioneering projects in public, educational, healthcare, commercial, transportation and justice markets.


Accordingly, R&P have attracted a "family of creative thinkers" to collaborate in the design and execution of these special projects, focusing on a handful of select clients whose projects receive the firm's best ideas and undivided attention. R&P’s strength lies in our architects’ ability to forge creative partnerships and collaborate with clients in the exploration and achievement of their goals.

The creative talent that makes up R&P’s professional staff include a diverse group of architects. Their collective experience, versatility and technical depth have consistently resulted in innovative and award-winning projects.

Because of our pursuit of excellence, a successful history of completing sophisticated building programs, and commitment to our clients, R&P have grown to become one of the most respected architectural practices in Florida.