Studio Approach
Rañon & Partner’s practice is centered on a studio approach to design. What this means is you receive the benefits and knowledge of all our talented staff. Our office is organized in traditional studio architecture where members work side by side so collaboration and coordination takes place instantaneously. The in-depth apprenticeship transpiring between seasoned and young designers (and vice versa) because of this open layout is astounding. The studio approach is further incubated by formal in-house reviews and critiques conducted as the project moves through its design process. These sessions bring out the best ideas, proven applications and fresh perspectives.

Collaborative Process
Our process of design is one of collaboration and leadership. In greater than 50 years of practice we have found our best design solutions are ones discovered through an interactive exchange of ideas between an Owner and our designers.

Commitment to the Process
Because of the complexity and number of issues to be addressed through the design and construction process, it is mandatory that we follow a map or process. This process builds from the macro to the micro, from the general to the specific. The Architect is the guide for the process, and R&P have learned through experience that the successful projects are those in which the design team completes each task thoroughly and in turn.

Innovation includes making the most benefit of existing resources. Many Owners have relied upon R&P’s ability to design facilities that meld into the context of their surroundings. We understand for this to be successful, many unseen criteria must be considered and addressed. Is the facility efficiently organized and suitably zoned with functions in the proper relationship to one another? Is the appropriate level of safety and security present? Is the facility flexible and expandable? Is the facility cost effective to construct, operate and maintain? Can it be constructed on time and within the established budget; and lastly, but certainly not least, is the facility a great place to work, learn and live? When our designs satisfy these criteria, and more, then we feel we have succeeded as architects and produced a “Good Design.” As designers, we must be able to stand back and look at existing resources objectively. We are often able to see how minor modifications can give new life and flexibility to what had been viewed as a liability.

In conclusion, R&P can assure an Owner a successful project by careful and sensitive guidance through the architectural design process. We will bring to the meetings enthusiasm, accurate and clear problem statements, professional innovative recommendations, and a commitment to listening and working through the issues.